David’s Autobiography

I was born and raised the Pittsburgh Pa area.  I received my first toy accordion at the young age of six.  It may have been a toy, but it was the beginning of my music journey.  I later was given a student accordion from my Father at the age of ten and took lesson for many years at Jardines Music Center in Pittsburgh, Pa.  I remember the first lesson where I learned how to play 3/4 timing.  I would practice the same given chords over and over again until I drove everyone crazy in the house.  My father was an Irish Tenor who sang professionally in the Pittsburgh area.  I was eventually thrown into the act of performing with my father.  I first started accompanying my father with the accordion at his performances.  Then later, I made the transition to sing and playing.  Little did I know that this would be the beginning of performing throughout my life.

I furthered my education at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky then transferred to Geneva College in Pittsburgh, Pa.  I graduated from Geneva College with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education.  I continued my Accordion education with Tony Lovello who recently  passed away at the age of 84.  Tony was ranked the number three accordionist in the world. One of the best accordion players of his time and today.  He developed his unique style of full hand chords creating a big sound when he played.  Tony was still performing professionally at a high level around the United States.  I was blessed to be able to study under him.

For the next fifteen years, I performed the Big Band Sound through out the Austin, San Antonio and Georgetown, Texas.  I also performed in the Pittsburgh Pa  and Las Vegas Nevada area.   I then settled down and opened my studio in Las Vegas Nevada where I taught Accordion and Voice.  Many of my students were in the entertainment industry.  From Cirque Soleil ( the LOVE Cirque Show)  Some Cirque students branched off and started their own acts traveling abroad.  Many students joined Bands and shows.  A lot of students learned for just the pure joy of playing the accordion for them selves.  After living in Vegas for the last 14 years,  life brought me back to Pittsburgh Pa.  where I opened up my Studio teaching Accordion.   I have taught thousands of Accordion Lessons.  The key to a successful accordion experience is to make sure that learning the accordion is fun.  I look forward to starting you on your Accordion adventure.

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