Testimonial 27

I have been extremely fortunate to have taken Skype accordion lessons with David the past 4 years. David’s enthusiastic and encouraging teaching style has produced the best effort from me which has far exceeded my expectations. I started with him as a beginner and have made steady progress through his mix of accordion instruction books, classical exercises, and supplemental sheet music that he selects to develop new skills. He sprinkles in practical music theory, so I have an understanding of what I am doing and why. David is particularly skilled with giving lessons via Skype. He can hear a “clunker note” while I am playing a complicated piece of music and he easily observes my physical technique and resolves problems as needed. He customizes the lesson to address my needs as a student and suit my interests. If I want to try polka or Cajun music, he helps me add that into our lesson plan. I am very analytical and he has coaxed feeling into my music. I highly recommend accordion lessons with David. It’s a fun and enlightening hour that I look forward to each week.

Sheree – Minneapolis